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CIRCA Projects

CIRCA conducted a project for Fingal Co. Council on the feasibility of developing an innovation centre in Swords, Co. Dublin (with Arup Engineers).  The study reviewed the extent of start-up activity in North Dublin, as well as potential focus areas for the centre.  2017/18 

CIRCA is assisting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Health Services Executive (HSE) to collect views from public and private organisations on national priorities for research in Environmental Health. 

Circa have recently concluded a number of Horizon 2020 stage 1 proposals which have been successfully passed onto stage 2. Contact jim.codd(at) for more information

A project for the Dept. of Defence on the feasibility of an Institute for Peace Support and Leadership Training.

Providing advice on the management structure of the INFANT Research Centre in UCC

Study on the future direction, governance and structure of the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre-Microbiome Inst.

Review of Irish Membership of 14 International Research Organisations

CIRCA  support H2020 preparation of H2020 proposals for industry and academic clients 

Review of Competitive Start Fund operations 

Evaluation of Demonstrator Phase of Health Innovation Hub

Review of Enterprise Centre capacity in Dublin city for DublinBIC

Evaluation of BioInnovate Programme - for medical device innovator training for EI

CIRCA consultants have completed a LeanStart with Forest Produce Ltd, a horticultural company based in Tralee.

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CIRCA offer inhouse and public training courses in  Horizon 2020 research funding, Design Thinking, Innovation Support Schemes and Lean Product Development. Contact us for further details

CIRCA have completed a project for the National Library of Ireland to review potential sources of external income for the library and advise on their suitability for the NLI in the future.  The project involved visits to many EU National and other libraries to investigate the fund-raising approaches used, and to assess the costs and returns involved, and the legal and infrastructural implications.  The sources investigated  include philanthropy, research, licensing of library content, retail operations,  venue hire and various services.  In addition, the CIRCA team of Tom McCarthy and Jim Ryan conducted a case study on the particular opportunities which might exist for commercialisation of the NLI’s genealogy collections.  

CIRCA  have launched a Lean Product Development training programme in association with the IRDG in early 2017.Contact patrick.lawlor(at) for full details

CIRCA welcomes a new member: Dr Tom McCarthy, Econmist (formerly NUI Maynooth and CEO IMI) 

CIRCA participates in Enterprise Ireland Mentor networking Event

CIRCA completes major study on Analysis of the key characteristics of an innovative

SMEs on the island of Ireland. Prepared for Inter Trade Ireland

CIRCA consultants participate in the IRDG Masterclass in Design Thinking

Circa consultant Chairs Security software group

CIRCA consultants have now completed the Enterprise Ireland Competitiveness Benchmarking training.’We are now approved users of the benchmarking tools and techniques through the IDA & Enterprise Ireland and the States licencing agreement with the database providers as managed by Enterprise Irelands Competitiveness Department.’

CIRCA participates in Enterprise Ireland Lean Spring Forum

New Project starts on management structure of the INFANT Research Centre based in Univ College CorkSuccessful H2020 Landmark project includes CIRCA partners

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